Playing this game twice resulted in once me surviving till the end of the month but with rent overdue and the other time I survived till the 19th day mark. Both times playing this game I had to let go of many things one might hold dear, for example, ditching my child’s play, passing on my best friend’s wedding while being really thrifty and depriving my child and I from decent nutrition and entertainment. The feelings I had were not empathy since I haven’t experienced their living situations firsthand, the decisions I made may come from rational thinking without legitimate emotional regard. This game can be improved by possibly adding in some visual aid to provoke the players and make the decisions even harder.

BBC Syrian Refugees:

                On my first run of the game I decided to go to Alexandria in Egypt to be smuggled into Europe after paying all of my money, My family and I and drowned in the Mediterranean Sea without anyone batting an eye or trying to help us which sent hundreds of refugees to their demise. My second run I chose turkey and got safely to Greece but had to let a woman and her daughter drown and finally there was a chance for me not to meet up with my family cause they didn’t say if you will actually get asylum in Greece. I think this game need a little bit more pathway options.

Manufactured Evil:                                                        

                I played this game as I noticed the name of one of its creators, Omar Eita, he is a gaming buddy of mine. This game was made to raise awareness about the plastic epidemic and how it affects the world. The game gives u two options, playing as a citizen or a president which I did both. First, as a citizen you can make very small changes to your lifestyle which are also economic and healthy, you get to walk a little more and use cloth bags at markets instead of single use plastics. As a president, you can make changes that forces companies to use a good disposal manner or use bio-degradable plastics. The game could have used some more visual aid and paths.

Vote Suppression Trial via New York Times:

                This game is amazing, it was a pixel game that captivates the audience with its simple and funny graphics along with the good wording that puts u in the place of your characters. The first voter was a white male in California which had zero frustration and confirmed his vote in one minute. The Latina women took two hours to vote which then was not counted with a very high frustration. That shows how different races in different locations get casted to vote in different locations and that your race or socioeconomic class can get you treated differently. This game could have used a little bit more backstory in the game itself or more like description to someone who is not american, beautiful game though.

Little Nightmares:

                The story of Little Nightmares opens with a small, nine-year-old girl named Six who wears a bright yellow raincoat on a ship structure in the far reaches of the ocean called “The Maw.” Six is on a mission to escape, and she begins her journey by navigating her way through the lowest deck of The Maw. The mission is to escape from giant monsters that represents many mental disorders and its quite a hard game. The game shows how hard for some people in traumatic experiences have it to not spiral into a disorder, for example, there was a pair of giant monsters one was anorexic and the other was very obese where you have to escape from and that’s just one mission out of the whole game. Another mission, a giant shadow creature in the bedroom that pins you and you can’t move which might resemble insomnia. Beautiful but quite the horror game. The game does not tell you that its raising awareness for anything, it lets the player decide how he or she want to interpret it because that will have a deeper impact.

Depression Quest:

                 The game puts you in the shoes of a person with depression, the game showed amazing wording and beautiful description of each situation. The game was very well put which reawakened many memories and feelings I kept buried. The game warned people about, as the game takes an emotional toll on you. This game will have a separate blog post as a deeper reflection which can get quite dark and emotional as I take you through the same journey but in my actual life. If you want to read it contact me for the password.

All games:

                All games were quite magnificent favorite being the depression quest because it puts such an emotional bearing on the person that he or she can feel the pain the protagonist is feeling. The best game visually was the vote suppression. The manufactured evil is a game that provides awareness to a good because, but it could have used more work.

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