Game Draft One

Hey Everyone, this is the first draft of my game, most of the scenarios are not added yet because some are getting rewritten and the others i just ran out of time before the deadline. Please play the small part in my game if you can and tell me any feedback you possibly can, anything will be useful.

Here is a link to my game :

The gif in the game is obtained from here

One thought on “Game Draft One

  1. Hi Akram… sorry for the late feedback. My feedback on this is that there is a lot of storytelling (well written) with few choices along the path. You need to give the player more choices to reach the major depression. You only gave Darrell one short meeting with Timmy and a couple of decisions and an option to seek help or ignore… and ignoring leads to depression and everything else as a slippery slope… you need to give the player more choices to make along the path. I know you want to tackle different dimensions of loneliness, which might make the game kinda long along each path….

    One last thing. Try to avoid tiny font. Some slides have more than 10 lines and font is tiny.


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