Game, Final Draft

To start this, I want to thank everyone for taking the time and playing my game.

                My game first started as an outlet to let out some of my buried emotions which then evolved into a trigger for my creative outlet as I started writing other stuff like short stories to transform my thoughts into a story that explains said thought.

                During the creation of this project I started learning more about myself and the world around me, as I started digging into the explanations of many behaviors and emotions some people felt, including myself, I stumbled onto many  journals that explains those situations scientifically and it was a major step as now I had the ability to convince people that there is nothing wrong with them and that all they need is a little help as if they have a cold and taking medication for.  Knowing how you can help people who need to be helped can change your perspective and the way you treat people completely and change your emotions towards them from pity to actively trying to help them and make them feel important.

                Another thing I learnt which was not expected at all is how to use tools given for a purpose and redirect those tools to serve a completely different purpose effectively, like how we used to google slides to make a game using links and choices. This is not limited to google slides; this is just a breaking point for the shell around your mind to be able to set free and think outside the norms and regulations.

                The game offered an incredibly wide ground for us students to discuss with one another and with our professor, we started talking privately about experiences and analyze it step by step during the process which expanded the horizon of our visions from a single pair of eyes connected to a brain to the multiple of that depending on how many we are and how we managed  to assimilate those vision into one grand scheme of thing and how nothing is just black and white.

                My game wasn’t that different from the first draft, I worked on adding another character that was supposed to be there from the beginning but wasn’t due to the time limitations and introduced more context and information after and throughout the game itself where I felt was needed. There is one thing that I tried doing which is increase the fonts of some of the slides that I was told had many lines of information and too small of a font, this I didn’t realize as I tried it out on a computer screen which shows the words perfectly fine. I tried adding more depth to the character but I am no writer so I did what I could do and the rest is left to the player to articulate on how he or she sees fitting as this might influence the player to fill the gap with their personal experiences or feelings that will make the impact of the game increase.

                Unfortunately, I couldn’t implement the last character, Ricky, in my game because of the time limits and I would have wanted to make the game more visually appealing to the player and to myself with a little bit more organization. I would have done something in our geographic area as well however the experiences I had and went through if looked on by middle eastern is mostly taboo, so they won’t feel most of the emotions I intended for them to feel as their biases would kick in. Also, a major disappointment in me was that my game isn’t deep enough or as long as I wanted it to be simply because I thought the final draft would be due the end of the semester which is on me.

A few unimportant changes done are listed below:

  • Some bug fixes that made you go someplace different from the intended.
  • Font increased in some slides.
  • Added contextual information at some.
  • Kept the narrative short in some parts.

Here is the link for the google slides doc containing the game:

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