Tools Reflection

During the Global Literacies course, we have used a variety of tools to aid and facilitate our learning process and to be utilized by us to deliver the requirements needed from us. Tools were  a wide variety to select from and some of us used tools that were not used by others, it is just a matter of what fits each individual the most so I will be talking about the tools I have enjoyed and found most useful while using.


Obviously Slack is on this list and I assume it is one of the frequenting tools on everyone’s list as it is just phenomenal and here is why.

  1. It avoids the hassle of having hundreds of groups and chats some of which has no use at all, like in WhatsApp groups that are normally created for classes.
  2. Real time communication which is efficient and quick.
  3. Offered almost all the needed options and augments.
  4. I don’t like giving people my number.

However, this is what anyone will say why slack is good which is fine and right, but I would like to go beyond that. Slack was used in class as a mean of communication between my peers, the professor and myself. The communication was may more reliable than the traditional means of communications in a class, emails, and there is an important element which was the fun element, including such an element within the class changes the peers to a group of friends and a friendly community more than just a class. People asks questions all the time and other people see them and sometimes people reply to the questions of others not necessarily the professor. Furthering on the fun element, people keep using slack for random conversations in the random channel which was an amazing addition, people chitchat and have fun together and for me personally I love to send people songs to listen to and I have been doing that.

A drawback is that I feel that this application won’t be used after class as it is not easy to change the norm with people and make them switch platforms and wont be comfortable switching from their normal application to satisfy someone else’s needs, even though they have no idea if this application might actually surpass the one they are using or not.

                This tool is not a fancy giant however it is perhaps the most useful one, it provides ease meant to annotate a reading in a group or privately, while this being its purpose and us using that for an assignment, it was a break for me if I am being honest. I started using it while doing literature review for my thesis, started using to leave comments for myself since I tend to be forgetful. Its convenience is astonishing as I have downloaded the chrome extension which is one click away from activating or deactivating on what I am reading. The tool is good and all, however I have to write comments in the highlights weather it’s a reminder, how to use, summary or whatever I wanted at that time, which is not ideal yet not terrible and I think if they add coloring highlights it is going to be even more great of a tool.

                In the end, overall it helped me organize myself and my documents since instead of thousands of papers scattered around my room or nameless word docs, I just write notes on the material itself.


                WordPress is our class’s blackboard, it is where everything for everyone is, it can be open it can be private and that is a major key on why it is good. The option to control who sees your blog is important to me as sometimes I post somethings that I’m not comfortable sharing with a lot of people, so I turn it to private, etc.…

                What I like most is reading the work of my colleagues and starting conversations with them later that topic to tread deeper in it.

                The concept of blogging at first was not one that I am familiar with, but later on I have grown fond of it and started working towards having my own blog outside of the course confines to share my thoughts with myself mainly and possibly others.

Google Slides:

                Of course, I had to mention this very well-known tool as the way we used it in this course gave me a life lesson not just the ability to use google slides outside of its normal or intended context. Using google slides to create our games was one of the most enjoyable parts of the course for me as the game itself was a fun experience and how we were manipulating the tool to achieve what we want. The tool can be used later in so many things but the most important thing I learned from this is that what we can use and do with stuff is just limited to the confines of our perceptions.

One thought on “Tools Reflection

  1. I think you are part of what made Slack a community this semester, thank you! I am also really happy to hear was useful to you beyond this course!! Thesis is an excellent time to use annotation and I used a similar tool when I was doing my PhD thesis also. I agree with you about color highlights for – for now, you can use tags to find stuff more easily. But colors sounds like an easy thing for them to add. I hope they will consider doing it! I tweeted to them!


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