First Assignment ( Coding )

The first one I made was the coding assignment where I had to make my own code that solves any simple problem. The statement of the assignment is as follows “Create a simple program, 10-20 lines, where your code can solve a simple problem. Feel free to use an online compiler to write and test your code.” Which was taken from this link

                I kept thinking about what simple program should I type up and suddenly a very common issue we constantly have came to mind, which is the simple calculation of taxes and/or service when you eat out in a restaurant before you have to pay. This simple problem can be a nuisance for people who cannot understand the math behind it as elderly or young people so this simple code will ask them for the listed price of items and it will give them all the necessary information such as total money, VAT amount and service.

                Presented below is the actual scribble of a code that was compiled in C++ and below it, is the results of the test. Why I chose this assignment is the fact that coding is literally everywhere around us, from our watches to our cars and almost everything else. I did not actually feel much with this assignment as it was a very easy one depending on my actual coding knowledge but I chose it because my brain appeared to be in a slump and I needed something easy to brush the cobwebs of my cogs so they can start turning.

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