Assignment Six

For my final assignment i made a GIF from one of my favourite movies, the GIF is very common on the internet however, i still found the scene on YouTube and turned it into a GIF. The assignment was taken form here

The beauty of this assignment is that i always wanted to know how to make GIFs and didn’t have the initiative to even google it but now i know how. This scene is funny now because its the finals phase and it sounds like doctors talking to us while we are having our exams.

here is the link for the scene

and here is the GIF

2 thoughts on “Assignment Six

  1. Yeah making GIFs is so easy. Back in the early 2000s I used to make them, then didn’t anymore until this year when my kid said she wanted to make one, so I downloaded an app that makes em and it’s so cool. I actually used to dislike GIFs altogether, but they grew on me…

    I’m so sorry you feel like profs want students not to pass!!

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