Assignment Three

                                                              While scrolling through the assignments this one caught my eye due to it being a thing that crosses my mind often, the view of life through other species’ eyes so of course I had to jump on it. the assignment statement “What if plants and animals could all communicate without humans understanding? Write either about a conversation between two non-human living things or through the point of view of one non-human witnessing people go about their daily lives. How would a really old tree feel about having always been in the same place, but everything changes around it? What would a squirrel feel towards pesky humans who always scare them away? Be creative, go deep or go humorous, have fun!”, taken from


*Yaaaaaaaaaaawn* Done with the second morning nap, life is good, now where is that pesky human I’m hungry, maybe if I knock down this cup of the table, he will notice…. “Kitty stop, stop don’t do it” ……. well too late, opps *glass shatters*…. Well he is going to the kitchen to get something better follow him and rub against his legs till he gives me more food. HUMAN, HUMAN, HUMAN, HUMAN bring my food you common peasant. Finally…. That was a nice meal, better go sit on the window for a while…

“Oh hey” Neighbor’s cat.

“Hey” I Said.

“Your pet human is annoying you, isn’t he?” Neighbor’s cat.

“Yes, like all humans, I miss the old times when we were worshiped by the humans” I Said.

“the good old days” Neighbor’s cat.


The only thing to take out of this story is that cats think they own us and pretend to be royalty whenever I am around.

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