Assignment Two

For the second assignment I liked one in the Web Assignments section, which has the statement of “Use at least five GIFs to tell a myth, folklore, or legend. Add a few hints about what story you are depicting to help people guess. Be creative with the GIFs you find and try to find a lesser known story to tell. It can also make fun the of story. Post the GIF story on your blog and let people guess what the story is.” Which was obtained from this link

I liked this one particularly as I am a person who uses GIFs almost daily and also because in the search and use of the GIFs I need I will practised what we learned in class about the different types of licenses and copyrights which is a very useful thing to practice. I wont lie, this was a lot of fun to do and it will be nice watching people struggle to understand what I am trying to say with the GIFs ( which is pretty well known in Egypt).

When you are done and left your guess in the comments, the answer is in the final sentence below.

All GIFs are obtained from giphy which is an open website that provides free and shareable GIFs for anyone to use providing their sources. Nothing that is not supposed to be shared is shared on the website.

Congratulations on reaching the end.

The answer is in here ” Another Lie Endured, Lie Ends Lie Ascends, Whoever’s Animated, Lie Ends Lie Ascends”

This does not mean anything but if you want the name of the folklore, try reading the capital letters only 😀 i only did it so anyone that scrolls down or stumbles upon it does not catch a glimpse before playing.

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